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These gloss plaque labels will make sure your products not only look professional, but that they shine too. This unique shape, boosted by its gloss surface, is the ideal label to express yourself through Avery’s design templates or a design of your own.
White Gloss Plaque Labels 95.5 x 65mm

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    Your professionalism will shine through

    Your product has been bottled and you just need that final touch to make it a ‘real’ product that can sit proudly on the shelves of stores everywhere. That’s where this gloss plaque label comes in. It will give your product the credibility it deserves and at the same time attract the attention it deserves.

    Label Features

    • Permanent adhesive sticks to multiple surfaces like glass, metal, paper and plastic
    • Sticks well to any even surface
    • More shapes, sizes and materials to choose
    • Professional gloss material

    Design your label

    • Upload your own images or PDF
    • Create from a blank template or select one of the predesign templates
    • Add your logo, slogan or latest business promotion