70 labels

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These 35mm glossy round labels will give your next event, or even your product, an exclusive feel. With enhanced colours that offer an eye-catching vibrancy, you've found your new secret weapon in the fight against mediocrity.
White Gloss Round Labels 35mm

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    Take it up a notch.

    Add a touch of class to your product or next event with these glossy round labels from Avery. With a permanent adhesive that sticks to glass, plastic, paper and more, you have a label that can tie an event together or highlight your product on a shelf.

    Label Features

    • Permanent adhesive sticks to multiple surfaces like glass, metal, paper and plastic
    • Sticks well to any even surface
    • Professional gloss material

    Design your label

    • Upload your own images or PDF
    • Create from a blank template or select one of the predesign templates
    • Add your logo, slogan or latest business promotion