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Make sure you shine in your next meeting with these gloss-coated 340gsm single-sided business cards. Get noticed by handing over a card where the design and colours really pop.
Gloss Coated Standard Single Sided Business Card

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    Learn a little card trick

    How do you stand out from the competition? Well, here’s a little card trick. By handing out a gloss-coated business card you’re showing people you have that little bit extra to give. That you’ll shine in any situation. These cards are work well as promotional and loyalty cards too.

    Business Card Features

    • 340gsm high quality card stock
    • 85 x 55mm standard business card
    • Gloss coated on printed side
    • Single sided printing

    Designing your business cards

    • Upload your own images or use ours
    • Add your logo; slogan or latest business promotion
    • Add discount codes, web details and social media links