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  • Label Material Guide

    Personalised Wedding Labels & Stickers

    You can personalise your celebration with invitations, cards, decor, centrepieces, gift boxes and more with stickers and labels to make a wedding truely unique using our free design tool.

    The only limitation is your imagination. What if the gift bags you prepare had a special message from you personally. What if the champagne or thank you cards included a clever quip from the bride and groom that only they would understand.

    We have a wide range of labels and stickers that you can customise entirely so that the wedding celebration is a one of a kind event. Our dedicated professional printer is on stand-by ready to turnaround your order within 48 business hours. Whatever your idea maybe, you can make a personal and memorable impact with the humble label.

    Import photos, images or graphics straight into our free design tool or use one of our pre-made templates. There is no way your bonbonniere will make you wedding look like every other event with the right sticker.