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  • Label Material Guide

    Personlise your jar label for a perfect fit

    We realise that you require a wide range of sizes and shapes of jar labels and jar stickers to be able to personalise your branding for a perfect fit. With research and development conducted in the US, Avery offers you durable materials with a long-lasting adhesive that will ensure your jar label upholds your valuable brand image.

    Our labels and stickers are suitable for jars of all types that are designed to hold jams, sauces, salad dressings, marinades, creams, soaps and more.

    But don't stop there. Get creative with your jar labels so that your brand is not just another jar in the crowd. Make use of the back of the jar and the lid to enhance your customers experience when handling your jar. You can come up with creative stickers to include ingredient information, fun facts, recipes or useful company information.

    Using our free design platform (no installation required) you can upload your existing designs, or edit a pre-made professional template to work with your logo to create a truely unique custom jar label.