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How did Joe rocket to hall of fame success with customised greetings cards?

How did Joe rocket to hall of fame success with customised greetings cards?
1 years ago


During the festive season, the halls are decked with an abundance of messages. Stand out this silly season and cut through with personalised, considered communication.

Forget dreary, one-size-fits-all discounts and dribble, aim to make an impression that lasts. In an effort to wow your customers, it’s easy to fall into the ‘big gesture’ trap of all razzle-dazzle
and no substance.

Instead, keep it simple, go direct and talk to your customers; authentically and with a point.

The Power of Personalisation

Joe Girard went from so-so, to so-good, becoming an ultra successful car salesman. Looking endlessly for a job, his lack of experience was not opening any doors.

To convince the manager of Chevrolet to give him an opportunity, Joe took an uncommon approach and used the humble greeting card.

With his own money, Joe engaged two employees to help him send out close to 13,000 greeting cards every month. By sending these cards directly to his customers, Joe commemorated every significant day alongside them, from Halloween to Happy New Year. At the beginning of every year, Joe appointed an artist to illustrate 12 cards.

Personalising his contact with ‘I like you,’ and simply sending one card each month is all Joe did. Slowly, but surely, each customer began to think of him as a part of the family.

Joe found that greeting cards created loyalty and inspired community with his customers. Beyond the vehicle for the gesture, the customised images, the paper, the envelope, it was
ultimately the thought that counted.

The proof is in the purchase; for 12 years running, Joe sold the most retail vehicles, breaking worldwide sales records. His success was so noteworthy that he became the only salesperson to be sworn into the Automotive Hall of Fame.

It's all about the WOW Moments

We all know what it’s like to receive the ‘Dear Customer’ Christmas card. Quicker than you can put it in the ‘jingle bin,’ you’ve lost interest and wasted time and money. Take a moment to create customised cards that make your recipients feel respected.

Your business may be small, but that doesn’t mean your impact can’t be significant. Even on a minimal budget, there’s always a resourceful workaround to ensure you’re remembered. Use our custom labels or personalised cards to stand out like a star at the top of the tree.

While you’re celebrating Christmas, you’re also telling your customers that you’ll champion them now, in the New Year and beyond.

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